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There are so many agents, Umrah packages and deals out there when you decide to go for Umrah, that you get confused. Confused, sometimes to an extent that you end up making a wrong decision. When deciding for an umrah package from Pakistan, if you take a decision on budget alone, you will almost certainly land in hot soup.

You need people who are not only experienced but have a genuine desire to help you in your holy journey. People, who while trying to give you the cheapest, also keep a thought out to your comfort and based on their experience, avoid accommodations and transfers that cause you woes in the holy lands.

We are not saying that we are the only such agent, but our 8 years experience with European clients has given us a unique sense of quality. We don’t sell hotels below a certain level and only prefer transfers companies that are customer oriented.

Choose one of the packages below or give us a call on 051-8350612 for a more detailed one on one discussion.

Please note that the prices of Umrah Packages mentioned are for the idea only and may change depending on when you travel and book.

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New Umrah Visa Regime Explained

The Saudi government caused quite a stir in August, when it announced that it will be introducing a new visa regime for Hajj and Umrah pilgrims visiting the Kingdom for the holy purpose, a second time. What was only clear in this announcement was that the fee for the...


Umrah Packages from the capital city of Islamabad and the twin city Rawalpindi. As we are based in Rawalpindi, the twin cities are our proud hub. No one can offer the range of packages, we can from our home city. We are an icon of standard and class that follows the word Islamabad.


Lahore, the vibrant and ever beating heart of Pakistan is our second home. Our Umrah packages and flight options from Lahore are so appealing, we  have almost an equal number of pilgrims going from Lahore (in comparison to Islamabad). So, don’t delay and book today with us.


The port city of Karachi is best suitable for those who book 2 star and up packages with us. We can not only process your passports in Karachi but also guarantee you fastest service. We have already arranged many trips from Karachi and offer excellent fares from Karachi as well.

Are you travelling on a budget for umrah?

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